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Arthur Tress, Untitled (Coit Tower), 1964

Arthur Tress, San Francisco

In hindsight, we know that Arthur is a talented artist. But in 1964, he was a young man fresh out of school.

James A. Ganz

Arthur Tress, Untitled (Ocean Beach), 1964
Untitled (Ocean Beach), 1964
Arthur Tress, Untitled (City Hall), 1964
Untitled (City Hall), 1964
Arthur Tress, Untitled (Coit Tower), 1964
Untitled (Coit Tower), 1964

Still upset I missed this at the DeYoung. It was nice to be reminded of these when they surfaced again on Lens Blog. When I first saw the information on the show, it felt like a local-interest show. Reading it in the Times, the extra framing of it as sorta-juvenalia of a young artist finding his voice makes it a more interesting presentation to me.

It’s also of course interesting to see it framed as capturing weird San Francisco before it goes extinct but that’s a post for another blog.