Mike Osborne. Storage Buildings and Movie Tower.

Mike Osborne

In the end, what he has captured in these pictures might be the unsettling result of people acting on that permission: the casual violence and neon dreams of a nation let loose upon the desert.

Myles Little

Mike Osborne. Floating Island.
Floating Island
Mike Osborne. View from Southbase.
View from Southbase
Mike Osborne. Storage Buildings and Movie Tower.
Storage Buildings and Movie Tower
Mike Osborne. Storage Buildings.
Storage Buildings
Mike Osborne. Montego Lounge I.
Montego Lounge I
Mike Osborne. Information.
Mike Osborne. Expanse.
Mike Osborne. Valley II.
Valley II
Mike Osborne. Corner.
Mike Osborne. Curtain.

So this series caught my eye a number of different times as different tumblrers selected different images to highlight. Some liked the black and white warehouses. Others liked the color landscapes. Etc. Etc. It’s been interesting to click through* and find that they’re all part of the same project since I’m not used to one project featuring so many different photographic styles—especially all coming from the same photographer.

*Yes. It took more than a few clicks for me to realize this. I think in each case my thought was “wait, the guy who made More?” before putting everything together.

I like the approach. Especially regarding the American West and how it can be simultaneously bleak and lonely and intimidatingly wild and overwhelmingly industrial and overdeveloped and unnatural and crowded. Too much to always shoehorn into one style.

And as someone who shoots all over the place. It’s instructive to see how it is possible to make something coherent out of parts which aren’t visually consistent.