Twitter and Tumblr

Hairy Beast is on twitter at @hairycritter and on Tumblr at

We haven’t pinned down exactly how we’re going to use those accounts, but here’s the game plan for now:

  • We’re using the tumblr account to reblog content, which will then be copied over to using IFTTT. We’re not planning to use the tumblr to post new content indendependant of the wordpress blog at We love tumblr, but one of the lessons of 1/125 is that tumblr can be a maddening place to publish, organize, and maintain content.
  • The twitter account isn’t currently doing too much. I’ve got it set in IFTTT to tweet with links to new posts (for those who for prefer following a twitter account to using RSS).

  1. No, we couldn’t get @hairybeast or We also don’t have, and I cannot recommend googling “Hairy Beast” unless you’re a hirsute dude enthsusiast. A sensible blogger would probably have chosen a different name.